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More new music in 2016

Threes Too (Remastered)

Threes Too

*11/28/15 - A newly remastered version of the instrumental Threes Too is now available at CD Baby
and ReverbNation.

The song was originally the final track on the album Life or Dessert?. The CD has gone out-of-print, and while downloads are always available, the general sound of the instrumental piece - while the best that could be done at the time - wasn't all that it could have been.
The remastered version takes a solid step forward toward improving the overall sound and balance of the track, considering its source. You can hear it in the player on this page, and download it from our ReverbNation page.
If you prefer a FLAC file, head over to our
CD Baby page.

Blog Update

*04/03/15 - Latest Gravity Tree Blog post is up.

Note that for the sake of brevity (and my sanity), this and all future blog updates will simply link to the blog from here, not reprint it as before.
This month's entry is entitled "The 12 Minute White Elephant in the Studio."

The End of the Beginning

*01/31/15 - The last day of the first month of a new year finds Linc and myself trying to work on some of his (solo) project, and a couple of the next Gravity Tree pieces.
It was decided that an update here was needed as we have not communicated since the holidays were in full-swing.

We are still here. New music is in development. 
And there will be a more informative announcement in the next few weeks. 

Until then, some of our noise is streaming 
(free) on our Power of Prog page...

Gravity Tree on Slacker

*11/30/14 - Those who use Slacker for their web music and streaming needs can find us here.

You can find our album ULTIMATE BACKWARD

and our earlier album LIFE OR DESSERT?...

...More news soon.

Free CWTD Download for Halloween

*10/29/14 - Here we are in late October, already!

Some of you have noticed Gravity Tree on the various social networks as we promote our seasonally appropriate song, Conversing with the Dead (aka CWTD). We didn't write it that way; it just seems to fall into the Halloween camp.
The new material is still being hatched as it were. Meanwhile, we thought we'd share CWTD with our friends and fans who might not have grabbed it here or have yet to own the album on which it originally appeared, ULTIMATE BACKWARD.

So if you're already on our email list (or sign up quick!), you'll be able to get a free download of CWTD. Just head over to our page at ReverbNation to download Conversing with the Dead or use this link:

It's a small way of doing something for Halloween for our friends and fans to say "thanks".

(Full disclaimer: The download is the original version of CWTD. If you want the 2011 remastered hi-resolution version, it's on BandCamp for just a buck; we couldn't work out the freebie there and can't post the hi-rez stuff with ReverbNation yet.)

This freebie is only offered through Halloween (October 31st) at which time it turns into a pumpkin? don't delay.

To recap:

Conversing with the Dead. FREE MP3. Now through Friday midnight PDT.

We hope those doing the Halloween thing will have a safe and happy one - well, if you want a happy Halloween - maybe you go for the trick instead of the treat?...

The End of Life or Dessert?

*09/23/14 - If you've followed our Tweets, you know that our album Life or Dessert? is out-of-print. It is now at a point where new copies are scarce.
So it seemed worthwhile to rundown where CDs are still available just in case anyone put off picking it up until the very last minute...

Life or Dessert? As of the date of this blog:

CDBaby: 2 copies in stock

Amazon: 1 copy in stock
(The Amazon page says "more on the way" but we're not sure where they could be getting these; the usual distributor has only 1 copy in their warehouse.)

HBDirect states they have "low stock", which we believe to mean they have 1 copy

...and that's it. Every other store we know of says "unavailable" or "out-of-stock". After a lengthy search, we sent off the last couple of new copies we were able to find anywhere to CDBaby a few weeks ago.

Of course you can always download Life or Dessert? from a dozen or so sites. All legitimate download and steaming sites we know of are listed on our Links page.

One other thing to be said here about downloads is that we miss all the artwork you can get with a physical CD. Most download sites might give you the front cover, rarely the back, and almost never include the insert artwork. Some of the sensory experience one can have in listening and looking at a new album is now lost in these digital download versions. We hope the artwork all comes back, and that download sites will make a greater effort to include the visual experience, perhaps in a pdf or something - the term digital booklet is thrown around now and that is fine as well.

Also note that Gravity Tree currently has no plans to re-release Life or Dessert?, but if there were enough interest of course it would be considered - most likely as a special remastered something or other.
Until then it appears we might have reached the end of Life or Dessert?

Gravity Tree would like to thank all the friends and fans who have supported the group with their ownership of a copy of Life or Dessert?, either physical or digital. More music is on its way...

Gravity Tree @ Beats Music

*08/31/14 - Those who have been paying attention have already noticed a small Beats Music logo on this page for a couple of weeks...So the story goes like this:

Beats Music
Gravity Tree were on a site called MOG, and had all the currently released music up there. One day recently that changed: MOG was taken over by the company that runs Beats Music; in an unexpected twist, they decided to keep all of this #ProgRock noise online. Does that mean Gravity Tree is trendy?

The main Gravity Tree page on Beats Music:

...and the short url:

A short url for Ultimate Backward on Beats:

BTW Life or Dessert? is getting pretty hard to find as it is out-of-print, so while you may not be able to buy a CD, you can still download it, or now go to Beats and listen.

The short url for Life or Dessert? at Beats:

More new places to find Gravity Tree music will post soon...

#GravityTree @ Google Play

*07/15/14 - Yes there's even a hashtag in the title - what is it all coming to?!
Google Play

To the point: our Prog-Rock album Ultimate Backward has its very own page on Google Play:

You will also find our crossover-prog song, Building at Google:

Full disclosure: the music has been on Google Play for quite a while, but this writer only recently realized the absence of a post on this page. (Of course friends and fans who are subscribed to the newsletter have known since the music posted there.)
The main short URL once more:

Ultimate Backward on Xbox Music

*07/06/14 - Our #ProgRock album Ultimate Backward has its very own page on Xbox Music:

Gravity Tree @ Xbox

Here's the short URL:

Hear the whole album or just your favorite tracks (!).
Do us a favor and share it with your peeps using their "share" button - if you would be so kind...

More new links will be posted here soon, as well as news on the work-in-progress songs we'll be dropping this year.
You can also read (and subscribe to) the newsletter, which just posted. Listed in the latest edition are quite a few new places to hear our music.
We'll be getting as much of our back catalog up on Xbox Music ASAP.

Ultimate Backward Now Playing on Rdio

*06/23/14 - Our #progrock album Ultimate Backward
can now be heard on Rdio!


If you don't have a Rdio account already, accounts are free and you can listen to the entire album!
We'll have more music over there very soon. Also expect some brand new music from Gravity Tree later this year...

Wait Added to SoundCloud

*05/19/14 - You can now find our song Wait on our SoundCloud playlist. The instrumental also has its own page.
Or, follow the link here:

You can also check out our SoundCloud player (in a previous post, below) - you'll see it added.

BTW we're currently at work on a new song for release later this summer. Come back here to the page for more details about the piece, in a week or two...




More songs on YouTube


 Available in more formats & locations: the crossover-prog song BUILDING 

New Song by Gravity Tree

Gravity Tree - Building   Amazon   CDBaby   eMusic

Beats Music   Spotify   SoundCloud   iHeart

Also available at the Gravity Tree webstore










Follow Gravity Tree on Twitter


Ultimate Backward





jango internet radio
Hear BUILDING + more Gravity Tree music on
Jango Internet Radio



The Expose Review: Ultimate Backward

Gravity Tree is one of the more interesting progressive bands around, a duo who covers all the instruments of a four piece band, plus vocals; and they do this live too. Guitarist Linc plays a combo-guitar that has both bass and guitar strings, and separate pickups for each, allowing him to play both parts simultaneously. Drummer Alan Nu handles a keyboard with his right hand and drums with the others, as well as using various drum controlled triggers. The result is an amazing full band sound from just two players. Both provide the vocals. Some readers may remember "Aim to Please," their contribution to the Bay Prog Sampler disc that was included with issue #24; in fact that song has gone through further refinement in the years since and appears here on this, their second album, along with nine other original compositions. Their material bears a stamp of currency, yet also features the conceptual ideals of classic progressive rock. Their influences likely include Zappa, Happy The Man, Van der Graaf, and Gentle Giant, which they assimilate well as they explore new musical territory; most of the songs are long and labyrinthine, and rarely settle down into a pattern for very long. In that respect, I am reminded of another current band, The Underground Railroad. Familiarity with Ultimate Backward will require a few repeated plays, but over the haul the listener will be rewarded. This is a solid second effort.






[ Full list of sites + stores ]





Help Us Promote Wait

*04/09/14 - Help Gravity Tree get noisy! We're trying a song promotion and you can help out...
Tell Atlas Radio / that you want to hear our prog noise in the stores they provide music for. (Just think, a proggy-rock instrumental playing while you're shopping or whatever...)

To help, just post to their Facebook wall, and request the instrumental song, Wait, by Gravity Tree.
Here's where to post:

(Wait originally appeared on our album
ULTIMATE BACKWARD, and you can listen
to the song here;
or listen to #5 on the Spotify player, below.)

You can also Re-Tweet our original Twitter post about the promo, which is here.
Thank you for your support!

Prog Noise on SoundCloud

*04/02/14 - Gravity Tree songs Aim to Please and Interference, both from ULTIMATE BACKWARD, can now be heard on SoundCloud. Also on SoundCloud is Building, the crossover-prog piece from the forthcoming Gravity Tree album; and Afloat, drummer/synthesist Alan's latest solo ambient-beat soundtrack piece (on a separate page)

GravityTree on Spotify

*03/15/14 - This was Tweeted out some time ago, but the blogs are now being updated: Gravity Tree has the song Building and the album Ultimate Backward on Spotify. There's a link and a Gravity Tree Spotify playlist...

Please be sure to do all those "like" kind of things while you're there too...

Ending the Year with Chart Topping Highs

*12/28/13 - That sounds like a pop band's blog title, but it has become a bit crazy-weird at years-end.

First, our prog rock noisemaking broke into the Top 40 on two different and unrelated sites, ReverbNation and NumberOneMusic. In a recent newsletter, the unreasoning voice of Gravity Tree appealed to their fans to help them go further. But what happened was even more unexpected.

On ReverbNation, Gravity Tree climbed as high as #13 on the Rock charts. Over on N1M, the song Interference went to #6 on their US Rock chart, and all the way to #2 on the Progressive chart! This isn't a 3 minute, 3 chord wonder, mind you, but an 8+ minute piece.

It didn't stay there long, because our song Threes Too actually bumped it out of the #2 slot. No, really.
The song Building also faired well in the month of December, rising to #14. Hey we're not making this up - how crazy is that?

We can't thank our fans and friends enough for doing the impossible this year, and hope the forthcoming new songs will help communicate our thanks for your sustaining support. BTW, if you aren't getting our newsletter (and in the latest issues' case, 3 free downloads), you can sign up here and join in on the noise.

Looking forward to even crazier events in 2014, we hope yours is healthy, happy and prosperous.

Thanks for listening!

Holiday Sale

*12/16/13 -

Our album ULTIMATE BACKWARD is now on sale at!
When you buy one CD, you can get a second copy at 50% off; so pick up one as a gift to a prog rock-loving friend, and keep a 2nd for yourself :)

Plus, the MP3 album download of ULTIMATE BACKWARD is just $5.99.

Our single crossover-Prog piece BUILDING is half off as well (download only):

If you're missing either of these releases, we hope you'll take advantage of the sale. These deals are good thru January 1st.

#GravityTree is at work on new songs, and will update the blogs as soon as we have a demo or two. Until then, Happy Holidays from Gravity Tree!

3 Million Plays

*10/09/13 -
The 3 Million Mark: Big Number on a small scale...

How unlikely it is, that this experimental, progressive noise
could hit the 3 Million mark on NumberOneMusic
(or anywhere for that matter)...
but it has happened nonetheless!
Some time ago, Gravity Tree posted a number of odd and unusual pieces on N1M.

3,000,000 plays later, perhaps the lesson is that music lovers are indeed looking for something different. 

You can check out Gravity Tree on NumberOneMusic at this link

Gravity Tree are truly grateful to all who helped make it to 3 Million. Even in the absence of a new album, the fanbase is growing in anticipation of the next giant noise bomb.

For the uninitiated, one can get Gravity Tree music (some might use 

the term "music" loosely; "noise" is also acceptable) all over the 
iTunes, Amazon, Bandcamp, CDBaby, you get the picture.
You can get free music, news and surprises, at NumberOneMusic or at the group's homebase on the interwebs.

Another crazy thing: The soundtrack/game 
music Alan (Gravity Tree's drummer/synthesist) has composed for many years, has suddenly become slightly popular.
Without any warning, Alan's ReverbNation page 
made the Top 10 in its genre. There are hardly any fans listed there (so much for analytics!), but it happened anyway. 

So Alan's in the Top 10, and Gravity Tree hits 3 Million plays.

For those that made this happen: thanks for listening...3 Million times!

Ultimate Backward FLAC, MP3-320

*05/11/13 - Ultimate Backward is now available for download in higher resolution MP3-320 and FLAC formats. You can get individual songs, or the complete album HERE:

We know for many of you, the regular MP3 quality - usually between 128kbps and 224kbps - doesn't quite cut it. CDs can sound much better of course, but are often impractical and not as portable as a digital file like FLAC or MP3.

FLAC is the best sounding of the compressed formats, but doesn't work on everyone's MP3 player, computer or phone. That's where MP3-320 comes in, which is about as good as that format can sound. So if you're looking to upgrade or just haven't got the album yet, now's your chance for some higher quality audio in your progressive rock.


Twenty Four Bit Building

*08/12/12 - There is more to Building after all. Just released is a high-resolution version available in multiple formats. From a humble 320kbps MP3, to Ogg Vorbis and FLAC (one of our favorite delivery formats), all the way up to 24 bit, 88.2k lossless WAV. Give a listen in the player (below), then head over to the bandcamp page and take your pick...

24 bit WAV   |   FLAC

Ogg Vorbis   |   AAC   |   MP3   |   ALAC

Check out BUILDING over at our Bandcamp pages

Prog Rock Sale from Gravity Tree at CDBaby

*07/31/12 - Now through Friday, August 3rd -

Gravity Tree music is ON SALE at CDBaby!

We usually don't post anything concerning sales, and often we don't even know about them; stores or distributors usually manage that sort of thing.
But in this case, we were able to instigate a sale over on CDBaby. Here's the deal:

  • Physical CDs are only $10 (usd) each
  • Album downloads are just $8 (usd) each
  • MP3 single downloads are 85 cents (usd)...or less!

GT album covers

Head over to our pages on CDBaby by Friday to take advantage of the sale:

You can hear clips before you buy, so you can decide if it's prog rock, crossover-prog, math rock, or a sub-genre of your choosing ;)
All of our songs are on sale, some as low as 50 cents a download!

Again, the sale is on right now through Friday, August 3rd, and expires at midnight PDT (UTC -7 hours).

A Progressive Rock Social Digest

*07/26/12 - With work on the forthcoming album well underway, Gravity Tree isn't finding much time for blogging and tweeting. When we do communicate, it is often directly to our friends and fans. One way this is done is through our Social Digest. It's a summary (which can be delivered to your inbox) of the last couple of weeks posts from Gravity Tree, on sites like, Facebook, MySpace, Tumblr and Twitter. It's all condensed into a nice little summary, with links should you want to read more. We sometimes include a fan message with even more info.
If you'd like to get on the list to receive it (plus some free music from time to time), you can sign up here.

Latest song giveaway is Life or Dessert?

*05/13/12 - With only a few copies of the album LIFE OR DESSERT? still available, we thought it would be cool to give away the title track. All you need to do to get it is to drop your name (or username if you prefer to be clandestine) + email in the form, to the right of this column.

Life or Dessert? going Out-of-Print

*03/01/12 - As strange as it may seem, our 1st album, LIFE OR DESSERT? is about to go or dessert?

There seem to be a couple of copies at the warehouse and possibly at a few stores. But Amazon has been sold out for months and there are only a couple of copies left at CDBaby. If you've been holding out and still want a physical CD - with the cool black-and-white fold-out poster, all the lyrics, and the rest of the artwork - I wouldn't wait any longer.

The good news is, of course, you can still download the album at CDBaby, iTunes, Amazon. You just miss out on the artwork, which we think is pretty cool. Going, going...

Interference on Jango radio

*01/22/12 - Our nearly 9 minute piece "Interference" may not be a typical selection on radio (web or otherwise), but it is currently in rotation on Jango internet radio.

Also, the holiday compilation featuring our song "Wait" is still available through January 31st as a free download, so if you haven't grabbed it yet be sure to do so in the next few days.

We're having interesting times in the studio these days with our downed Pro Tools rig and our substitute laptop recording setup. We won't try to summarize here, but you can keep up on all the hijinks over on our twitter page, or just come back here and check the Twitter update widget at the top of the page.

Happy New Year from Gravity Tree

*01/02/12 - We hope everyone is having a great start to the year. We have a lot of new music in the works and our hope for the new year is to bring as much of it to you as possible. Be sure to check to check back often, or even better, get on our friends and fans list to find out first and get free music all year long! Until then, all the best with your new resolutions.

Free holiday album features Gravity Tree

*12/03/11 - New music is in the works from Gravity Tree, but...
Free holiday album
...While you're waiting, you can reward yourself with a FREE holiday music album download from Melodic Revolution Records.

"The Spirit of December" is a new compilation album, and features music from a wide variety of progressive artists, including Gravity Tree. In the spirit of the season of giving, it is offered as a free download, and the link is delivered to your email address, so you won't lose it in case you have a download problem.

Here's the short link:

Last Chance for Wait

*11/08/11 - If you haven't grabbed the free song Wait yet, be sure to do so soon. Another song will be rotating in as the freebie for signing up for the Gravity Tree newsletter, so you don't want to miss out having Wait. (Use the link below, or just add your email in the form to the right.)

Conversing with the Dead designB

Our new "Conversing with the Dead" themed T-shirts have two designs: There's one matching the artwork to the hi-res release of Conversing with the Dead, and also a more '50's sci-fi design (see image).

Stayed tuned for new music...

Hi-Res Song now available

*10/06/11 - A Special Edition of our song Conversing with the Dead is now available.

Conversing with the Dead artwork

The newly remastered song is available as a higher resolution download in several formats including FLAC, AAC, and even Ogg Vorbis. Depending on your format choice, you can enjoy the song at up to 24bit / 48k, or just get a better-than-online-music-shop fidelity MP3 at 320bps.

This is our first offering of a song at a quality similar to what you'd hear if we had you over to our studio, and queued up our master for you.

Conversing with the Dead Spawns T-Shirts

*09/21/11 - Two new T-shirt designs are now available, inspired by our song Conversing with the Dead.

There are 2 T-Shirt designs, and the first comes in three colors, so you can pick which one suits you best - or just get them all ;-).

You can find them both in our ReverbNation store. (We're just getting the store up and running, so look for more music to be added.)

new Gravity Tree Store

You can also download the song the designs were based upon at the store, at this link

Originally appearing on our album Ultimate Backward, Conversing with the Dead is a punk-flavored progressive piece of noise that - if you haven't heard yet - might be of interest.

Be sure to check out the song and the new T-Shirts at our new store.

Wait...for free

*06/02/11 - We're offering one of our more popular progressive rock pieces for free.

The song is Wait, an instrumental from the album "Ultimate Backward".

Just sign up at this link to get it (and our latest updates):

Cancel anytime and keep the song. Stay with us, get more free music, updates and goodies. Your choice.

Others have compared our sound to King Crimson, Frank Zappa, Rush, Glass Hammer, Procol Harum, and the Flower Kings. Does that sound as messed up to you as it does to us? Draw your own conclusions, with a free song.

btw Wait won't stay free forever, so if you're interested, grab it soon.

Last Week for Falling in 3s

*05/09/11 - This is the last week you'll be able to get our song Falling in 3s for free.

If you don't know about this, when you sign up for our newsletter and updates, you get a free song. We don't send out updates very often, but if you decide to unsubscribe, we'll understand. And you get to keep the free music. Such a deal.

Use this link or just enter your email in the box near the top of this page...

For the last several weeks, the song has been Falling in 3s, from our album Life or Dessert?. But that's going to change next weekend.

If you want to be a bit sneaky (and that's fine with us), you can sign up now, get Falling in 3s for free this week, then score the next song next week when it becomes available (if you don't get a new link, just write us from the email you signed up with, and we'll make sure you get it).

We also want to thank all our new fans who've signed up already this year, and of course those who have been with us for the long haul. We have some special things coming your way too.

Thanks for listening.

Gravity Tree

Motion Sickness

*04/17/11 - Finally on MySpace, the missing song from Gravity Tree: Motion Sickness. It's a bit messed up...but we wrote it that way. Hear the full-length version here

Update from Gravity Tree

*03/09/11 - It has been awhile since Gravity Tree have updated the news and info pages. Not much blogging either, and pretty much zero time on Facebook. We don't want to bore you with details - everyone's struggling with something these days, whether it be the recession or some other hardship. (We don't want to be cryptic either, so if you're truly interested, just email us and we'll tell you what's up.)

But, we thought we should update the info page to let you all know that Gravity Tree are still here, and the group will be getting back to the music asap.

We will be releasing new music as soon as we can get back to mixing it down and finishing it up. In the meantime, you can make sure you get news first by signing up for our newsletter (and free music giveaways) here:

We also want to thank all of our new friends and fans who've been signing up on Jango internet radio and for our newsletter. We appreciate all the support.

Once again, thanks for listening!

Wait, Remastered for the Holidays: FLAC, AAC, MP3, more

*11/29/10 - It is the holiday season once again! With Black Friday behind us, and Cyber Monday (plus who knows how many other 'sales events') at hand, you are most likely picking and pondering over presents. Perhaps you are wrestling over what to get that picky music listener who may already own the entire King Crimson, Yes and/or Flower Kings catalogs. We have a couple of ideas...

Melodic Revolution Records has released Vol.2 of A Progressive Christmas, which features some great, modern prog bands, and even a little Vivaldi. We encourage you to check it out.

Of special note to our fans: The Gravity Tree Ultimate Backward instrumental "Wait", which was featured on the original Melodic Revolution Records release, "A Very Progressive Christmas, Vol.1", is available again this year. Our song was carefully remastered especially for this holiday album. Here's a direct link to the new "Wait" page:

You can listen to the song full-length, as well as all the songs from both volumes, at Melodic Revolution Records' web pages.

You will find "Wait" available in several download formats (your choice at download), including MP3, Ogg Vorbis, AAC, and FLAC. For the audiophiles in our ranks, this FLAC file is about as close to our original master as anything we've heard so far in a compressed format file.

Be sure to check out this and all the music at Melodic Revolution Records, and support new progressive music this season..

Thanks for listening, and happy holidays!

Aim to Please on

*12/29/10 - Beginning this week, you'll be able to hear Aim to Please by tuning in to web radio

Aiiradio is a web site/station that serves up a lot of tasty independent progressive music (as well as a bit of comedy). We've been giving it a listen of late and liked what we heard, so we were pretty excited when they approached us to put our songs in rotation.

Aim to Please is the first song of ours to be featured on, but we're sure it won't be the last, and we hope to have more songs from Ultimate Backward included in their prog rock programming. They also have a chatroom and forums, as well as the live streaming. Make sure you tune in and check out all the cool prog rock tuneage...head over to their site for all the details.

Rhapsody, and Why You Haven't Heard Our Latest Songs

*11/09/10 - We're happy to announce that after a long delay in posting, followed by technical issues, "Building" is now ready to play and download on Rhapsody! Here's the short link:

Thanks to CDBaby for help with this issue, and to Rhapsody for resolving it on their end in timely fashion.

We should tell you that this and other events had caused us to delay any further music releases. We know some of you have been waiting awhile, and we wanted you to know what has been going on to cause this delay.

We have been concerned about releasing more downloads for a myriad of reasons, and several things led to the delay: Tech issues at Rhapsody and other sites; the 'new' and possibly unstable overhauls going on with sites like MySpace and others; and some recent issues with distribution. (It didn't help that Alan injured himself, causing him to stay off the drums for a number of weeks. Getting back up to speed took a little longer than expected - there is no excuse for sloppy drum tracks!)

Bottom line: It's no good for us to tell you new music is out, and then discover it isn't working right, or isn't available as promised. Our confidence that we had a working pipeline to all our listeners was low. So rather than frustrate you, we put on the brakes, and decided to work on what we could fix, and wait on what we couldn't.

But that's behind us. We're encouraged that things are moving forward with stores and our distributors, and feel better about releasing new music soon. We'll be focusing on getting the songs (and some new merch) out to you in the near future, and our fans and friends who get our newsletter will get a heads-up in advance, and early access before everyone else.

3 Songs Now on Jango Internet Radio

*10/18/10 - A third Gravity Tree song has been added to the track list on Jango internet radio . 

When you 'tune in' (it's free), you can hear the song "Wait", in addition to "Aim to Please" and the latest G.T. song, "Building".
"Wait" was originally released on the album Ultimate Backward .

Last year a newly remastered version of "Wait" appeared on the special holiday compilation album, "A Very Progressive Christmas, Vol. 1" from Melodic Revolution Records. (Now that the holidays are - unbelievably - about to roll around again,  you can grab the album or single download(s) from Mindawn.)

But you don't need to buy a thing (unless you'd like to!): just head over to Jango, and listen to "Wait" and 2 other Gravity Tree songs...for free.

New Gravity Tree music page on Facebook

*10/06/10 - We've recently added a new page on our Facebook profile. Among other things, it has a music player, links to our website, and other goodies. It's a long url, so we have a nice short version here:

Right now the music has mostly clips, but you can hear full length versions of our latest song, "Building", plus a remastered version of "Falling in 3s", and an old favorite (practically a different style altogether, wouldn't you agree?) Minnies Tree.

Here's some trivia: Minnies was actually the very first song Gravity Tree released, way back in the mid-'90's...on red vinyl! The song was eventually re-mixed and included on the album Life or Dessert?.

We'll be getting more full-length tracks from Ultimate Backward up on Facebook for you to hear and stream as soon as we can.

And remember, you can get our song Aim to Please as a free download by signing up over here.

Forget the FAQ, Just Ask the Band

*08/31/10 - UPDATE: We still want your questions! 
Do you have a band-related question for Gravity Tree? We have a new way for you to ask us.

On the newsletter sign-up mini-site, there's a new page for fan questions. Just type in whatever you've been wondering about concerning Gravity Tree and the music, and give us an email address (so we can reply). Just go to:

You can also get our newsletter (about once or twice a month on average) which gets you free Gravity Tree music, news about releases and other events before anyone else, and other fan-exclusive content.

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Zune has Gravity Tree - Ultimate Backward, Life or Dessert, Building

*07/27/10 - Zune is now carrying Gravity Tree music, including the latest song, "Building". We have a shortened url for them here:

Or, just type Gravity Tree in the search box at:

They now have all 23 songs we've released online. (Get more details in the latest fan newsletter.)

Great Indie Music

*07/18/10 - The subject looks like we're being conceited, but Great Indie Music is actually the name of a music website.

Gravity Tree has all of our downloadable music over there now, including our latest prog rock song, "Building". .

Ultimate Backward

Life or Dessert?


They offer another alternative to iTunes, which is handy if you're looking for our music DRM-free and in a more universal format (MP3). They have a nice, simple layout to the site, and you can graba flash music player with our songs pre-loaded, for your blog, website, or MySpace page.

Gravity Tree - Building

A Simple iTunes link

*07/13/10 - We recently discovered a cool iTunes feature and had to share.

We're not sure how long this has been working, but it's definitely a more recent development: iTunes now lets you type the standard form url into your browser (like you'd expected all along).

You used to have to use the link making tool on the Apple site, but no longer. Now, to get to Gravity Tree , just add a "/" and "gravitytree" to the standard "" and it'll send you to all our music there.

Gravity Tree - Building

eMusic prog single

*06/26/10 - Our prog rock web single BUILDING has made it to popular music site, eMusic:

This marks the first of our catalog to make it onto this site. It is our hope that we can work through the details with our distributor to get everything else over there.


More full-length song previews

*06/15/10 - In a recent blog, we talked about a few places to hear full-length cuts of Gravity Tree music (instead of 30 second samples like many places).

We neglected to mention a site that not only lets you hear all the music at full length, but lets you grab it at what has to be some of the lowest prices on the web (try 69 cents per MP3!).

It's Boost Independent Music:

We've mentioned this site before, but perhaps overlooked the full-length preview feature, which is pretty cool. You can find our latest song, "Building", there - as well as many others, and songs from our catalog are added every couple of weeks or so. Check it out.

We recently posted a remastered version of "Falling in 3s" on a few sites like Boost and ReverbNation. The song originally appeared on our album "Life or Dessert?", but we think this version is a noticeable improvement in fidelity.

Finally, we're getting dangerously close to completing what will become the next new download. We'll post news as soon as it's available!


iLike and

*06/03/10 - You can now 'like' our latest song, "BUILDING", on iLike (or any site carrying our music that has a 'Like' button - we appreciate any likes you give us!). BUILDING, along with many other Gravity Tree songs, can be heard at this link:

There is also a music app for iLike on Facebook, so you can find our songs there.

You can also find our music at, including the latest song.

iLike         lastfm

...more stores and shops to follow...

iTunes, Amazon have BUILDING

*05/17/10 - Last week we had news about our latest song - BUILDING - at CDBaby. This week, the newest prog song in our catalog is also at iTunes, Amazon.

Download our Building

*05/10/10 - CDBaby is now carrying our latest song, BUILDING. It is offered as a standard MP3 that you can play on pretty much any player - no DRM!

Here's the link to BUILDING at alternate link is:

Here's the song description from the site:

"With a slice of introspective '80's vibe, analog synthesizers embrace dissonant chords and low bass, guitars crash in reverse, drums crack, the vocalist cries...the soloist saws against the bricks, stacked high on the downbeat."

The song was briefly #1 at RadioIndy, and #6 on the progressive charts at NumberOneMusic. So far, so good! ;-)

BUILDING - download it now, from CDBaby!

Beta Napster has Gravity Tree prog rock

*04/25/10 - Anyone check out the new Beta version of Napster? For the most part, we like the new layout, especially the darker color scheme (for those who care ;-o). btw they actually pay artists for downloads now - it's completely legit these days.

Anyway, you can find most of our music there. We say 'most', because the new downloads like Building are exclusive to other sites, like our own webstore.

So if you like to get your music from Napster, be sure to check us out over there.

Okay, back to the studio to work on those new songs...

Sometimes you cannot get back

*04/20/10 - Sometimes you just can't get back into the studio! Besides trying to finish taxes (!), last week found me working out a few ideas for our upcoming video.

Gravity Tree is also working up some new T-Shirt designs which just might see the light of day this time around ;-)

All these tangents, of course, were necessary, if not always well-planned. Back in the studio we go once again. Hint: the next song's acronym is FTWHC...we'd like to hear from any of you on what that might stand for.

More Guitar, Please

*04/13/10 - Things are busy at Studio192. Guitar tracking continues for the new songs, and Alan has been working up charts for more upcoming recordings.

There were also talks concerning a new video, work for which should be getting underway next month. More on this and the new songs in an upcoming newsletter. (New song announcements also post here on, on our blog, and on our Yahoo group.)

New Songs Coming

*03/20/10 - As our friends on Twitter already suspect, and our fans on our mailing list have already heard, Gravity Tree is in the midst of work on no less than 5 new songs. While we've made some good progress on one especially, we're withholding a release date for a little longer, as drummer/keyboardist Alan splits his time between band recording and a remix project (we'll talk about that in the near future).

All the new material will ultimately be available on the next full length album. Many will be available beforehand as digital singles at shops like Boost Independent Music. One of the reasons we're at Boost music is because they offer such a good deal on MP3 downloads - as low as 69 cents US. Here's a link to our Boost page: BTW, if you know of a good online shop you'd like to see our music, drop us a note or comment on our MySpace page or Blog. We want to make sure our music is where it's most convenient for you, so let us know where you want to hear it.

Haiti Disaster Relief

*01/18/10 - There are times when a band information site like this one must go completely off topic, and we are in the midst of such a time. We've added a couple of links to favorite organizations that are assisting with the Haiti disaster relief effort. But if you prefer another, don't let us sway you. All we ask is that you donate whatever you can, as soon as you can, to help. Even $10 will help, to aid those who have lost so much. Thanks.

*01/17/10 - In addition to our monthly newsletter and this site, you can also get more updates more often in a couple of ways. First, you can follow us on Twitter (or get an RSS feed from our page there).

Another way is to check our Yahoo Group. We've just begun a weekly update post which should keep most of you in-the-know, who want a little more detail of the day to day events you might not get in the newsletter. Signing up for the Yahoo Group also entitles you to many of the same privileges as a Street Team member.

In any case, now you have more options to stay in touch.

Gravity Tree in 2009: A Look Back

*01/03/10 - As Gravity Tree say goodbye to 2009, we remember some fairly exciting and unusual things that happened (at least for us). It's been a busy year for us, and hope it was a good year for all of you...
Way back in February we released a 3-song EP (for free! Drop us a note if you've been a fan and didn't get it)...
In the spring and over the summer we hit some big numbers on the music sites, including one million plays on the Progressive chart at NumberOneMusic; and were making some good progress again at last, on writing and recording for the new album...
In September, we released a brand new song, "Building", as a web-only download (you have your copy, right?). Among other things, it hit #1 in its genre on RadioIndy, and #6 on the progressive chart. Yeah, we were surprised too - should we be worried?..

At the end of November, we released a newly remastered version of our song "Wait" appearing on Melodic Revolution Records' new holiday compilation disc, "A Very Progressive Christmas: Vol. I". ("A Very Progressive Christmas" was the fifth compilation disc we've been a part of over the last seven years.) As of this writing, it is still in the Top 5 selling albums at the Mindawn music site. We were honored to be included, and hope you've had a chance to check out the sonically superior new version of the song. If not, it's still available for download here:

The end of the year finds us at work on more new songs. With all of this going on (plus trying to catch a little sleep once in a while, teach a guitar lesson, or write some new music for someone else), we've learned our lesson about guessing when music gets done; and will let you know as soon as we have a firm release date...
Which brings us to the end our quick look back at 2009. Now we can look forward to giving you some bold new progressive music to match what we hope will be an exciting new year. BTW, if you're really interested in we do, join the street team and help us tell everyone about this crazy music (In return, you'll get free stuff.):


Ultimate Backward for $2.00 or less

*11/08/09 - • UPDATE: Amie Street has been aquired by Amazon. All links in this post now lead to Amazon's MP3 Download area, and (unfortunately) no longer retain Amie Streets price structure...
There is a major sale on "ULTIMATE BACKWARD", the latest avant-prog album from prog-rock duo Gravity Tree.
Amie Street Music is selling "ULTIMATE BACKWARD" for $2 or less as a download, and individual MP3 downloads for as low as 15 cents. You read that right. Here's the link:

They have an interesting pricing structure over there: the sooner you buy, the cheaper the download or album. So last time we checked, you could get our songs for 15 cents a piece, and the whole album for a dollar fifty!
Obviously, prices won't stay that low forever. So if you don't have our album "ULTIMATE BACKWARD", or are missing a few downloads, now is the time to grab some new progressive music, for pretty close to free.

Last Weekend for 5 dollar sale

*10/30/09 - We've had the Gravity Tree album, "Life or Dessert?" on sale all summer and part of the fall, for just 5 dollars (CD or download MP3s). But we're actually running out of copies of the CD (!), so we're going to have to call it quits on the sale.
What all that means: through November 1, you will still be able to go to our pages at and pick up "Life or Dessert?" for five dollars US. (Fans can contact us directly through their newsletter email address and just order through PayPal if they'd like.)
So if you haven't picked it up yet, make sure you go to CDBaby this weekend and get "Life or Dessert?".

New Song Out Now: Building

*09/14/09 - Now available in a limited web-only release, our new song, "Building", from your friends at Gravity Tree. "Building" is the first new song from our little progressive rock group in almost two years - not that we haven't been writing! It's a pre-release from the forthcoming new album (release date TBA). You can hear it on our download page, and get it at our Audiolife webstore, or our page at
Boost independent music, or at the ZeBOX music store. BTW we're offering the song at these stores because they offer a lower download price than many of the larger sites - as low as 69 cents! We know money is tight these days, and we're trying to give you the lowest price possible (while still keeping the lights on in our studio). But if that's still not cheap enough for you, write us; we'll see what we can do. Seriously, we think we've done something different this time, and want everyone to have our new song. Go check it out!

Music on Rhapsody, Verizon + New Song Coming

*09/14/09 - Before this time next week, you'll be able to get the first pre-release song from the new album, due out soon. The song is called BUILDING, and we'll have links posted as soon as it's widely available. In the meantime we're happy to mention that U.S. Verizon mobile customers can get music from our albums ULTIMATE BACKWARD and LIFE OR DESSERT? for their mobile devices. Verizon is making them available for their V Cast music with Rhapsody program, so be sure and look for our music there. And music from both albums is available from the main Rhapsody website, for streaming, and for your MP3 player.


5 Dollar CD Sale

*05/13/09 - For a limited time, we're having a five dollar sale on the Gravity Tree CD, "Life or Dessert?". The sale is going on right now at CDBaby. "Life or Dessert?" is selling for several dollars more at almost every other store (Amazon, CDUniverse, Target, etc.). Even the download sites charge more (Napster, iTunes, Rhapsody, etc.) - and you don't get a physical CD or all of the artwork that way. So at 5 bucks apiece, you could buy a few copies, keep one, and sell the rest to your friends at a profit ;-)
They are getting low on stock on this CD, and we don't have many copies left ourselves. So you might want to hurry over and get your copie(s) soon. You can CLICK HERE to go to the sale, or copy this URL:

One Million Plays

*04/18/09 - Gravity Tree recently passed the one million mark on song plays at NumberOneMusic. That's not too bad for an unsigned, independent progressive rock band, IOHO. Gravity Tree will also be releasing a new song on or around May 1st. Check back then for the announcement and details.

Ultimate Backward Review from Expose

*03/19/09The reviews page bears another good review of ULTIMATE BACKWARD, this time from Expose Magazine. ...Their material bears a stamp of currency, yet also features the conceptual ideals of classic progressive rock... You can't go read the article at their site, however; they're a print-only mag (a dying breed, good for them). So we thank Expose for permission to reprint the entire review here (above right).
In April, we'll be following up on MySpace and at our new blog, with a note about soon-to-be-released music downloads, and the upcoming new album.

Gravity Tree Tops Charts...No Really!

*12/31/08 - We leave 2008 with the proverbial bang: We've made not one, but two Top 40 charts this week!
We managed to place two CDs in a best-selling list. ranked both ULTIMATE BACKWARD (currently at #29) and LIFE OR DESSERT? (at #12) in their Top Selling Rock: Avant-Prog album list.
Almost more exciting was landing two songs, CONVERSING WITH THE DEAD (from the CD ULTIMATE BACKWARD) and LIFE OR DESSERT? (from the album of the same name), in the ZeBOX Weekly Top 40 song chart. This chart tracks the most downloaded music, from all music genres across the entire website. That means our prog rock sonics charted against rap, hip-hop, hardcore and pop, and still came out in the Top 40 downloads of the week!
We have you to thank for downloading our music and buying our CDs. The news is a fantastic way for us to end 2008.
Gravity Tree hopes your year ends just as well, and we look forward to bringing you more new progressive rock in 2009.

Click here for downloads/25 cents or less

Ultimate Backward

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